Hey guy, Red here. I know that I said I was going to be on this wiki, and unfortunately I haven't been. It's not that I necessarily forgot about it, it's just that I'm pretty busy now that summer's over, so I don't have as much time as I usually do.

One thing I really know is that this wiki is super underdeveloped and we need a lot of users to really make this place a community. We already have a lot of amazing user on here, just... not that many. So, in order to increase the number of users who'd be willing to help out, we really need to get the word flowing. So I have a challenge for you guys:

Those who are able to "recruit" the most people will be put in a raffle (if not guaranteed) for admin rights. The more people you get on here, the higher the likelihood of you winning.

All you have to do is get someone on here and editing. Tell the other user to reply on their welcome message (that will appear on their message wall when they make an edit), that you sent them here and I'll write down your name.

This doesn't really have a specific end date, but I'm still hoping for everyone to participate.


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