Ryland Lynch es el más joven hermano Lynch. Él no está en la banda

however he is a DJ and he's the manager of his siblings band. Most people do not know of him, however he has a large hand in R5's success as a band.

This is a link to his page on his family website:

Tumblr nv97vbPgUN1s2wuqio1 500

Trivia Edit

  • His full name is Ryland Michael Lynch
  • He is 20 years old
  • His birthday is on April 17 1997
  • He's the youngest in his family 
  • He plays football; his jersey number is #97
  • His favorite color is red
  • He shares a room with his brother Ross 
  • He is also known as DJ Lynch
  • He is not in R5, although he manages them.
  • He loves to help his siblings
  • He is the only kid in his family who isn't in R5
  • He has 3 brothers named Riker Rocky and Ross
  • Ryland has two sisters named Roxanne and Rydel

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