me and ryland lynch july 22 at the R5 concert!!!!!! my first concert ever!!!!

i love R5 so so much!!!!!!!

i went to there concert July 22, 2015!!!!!! 

it was my first concert ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i met ryland lynch got like a million pictures with him, he sid that i was strong because i wouldnt let him go when i got to take a picture with him and he could barely breathe, and last but not least he signed my arm!!!!!!!!!!! he is really such a nice guy and hope to meet him again someday!!!!!!! i also hope to meet the rest of the band to!!!!

also rydel was in the front of the gate on the other side and i got squished up to the front of the oppisite side of her.... she smiled at me, waved, and said hi!!!!!!!!!!! 


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