Coss (C/alum and R/oss) is the real life friendship pairing of Calum Worthy and Ross Lynch. They seem to be close friends and, being co-workers, get along well and hang out as much as they can. They also seem to have a brother-like relationship.

For the in-show pairing between Austin Moon and Dez, see Daustin.

Other NamesEdit

  • Coss (C/alum and R/oss)
  • Cross (C/alum and Ross)
  • Rolum (Ro/ss and Ca/lum)
  • Rosslum (Ross and Ca/lum)
  • Rossalum (Ross and C/alum)
  • Ralum (R/oss and C/alum)
  • Wonch (Wo/rthy and Ly/nch)
  • Worthynch (Worth/y and L/ynch)
  • Lythy (Ly/nch and Wor/thy)
  • Wolynch (Wo/rthy and Lynch)
  • Lynthy (Lyn/ch and Wor/thy)
  • Lorthy (L/ynch and W/orthy)
  • Lynchy (Lynch and Worth/y)
  • Worch (Wor/thy and Lyn/ch)
  • Lywornch (Ly/nch and Wor/thy)
  • Shorvid (Shor and Da/vid)
  • Dashor (Da/vid and Shor)


  • In a picture with the Austin & Ally plus Jessie Cast, Ross and Calum were smiling at each other.
  • In another picture Ross and Calum Worthy were shown hugging.
  • They are normally sitting next to each other during their Live Streams.
  • In a tweet, Calum joked around and actually used the ship name "Coss".
  • During the Charades Showdown, Ross and Calum were working together.
  • They did a promo for the movie "John Carter" together.
  • They have tweeted each other several times.
  • Ross said Calum was a great actor.
  • In an R5 Livestream when asked if Calum was funny, Ross agreed with Riker that Calum was really funny.
  • Calum Worthy went to the LA R5 concert and tweeted that R5 was "the coolest band out there".
  • In a picture, Coss took a pic with Pixie and their heads were "touching".
  • During the Hang-Out-A-Thon, Ross high fived and agreed with Calum that one of his favorite parts of the set was the cast and crew.
  • In an interview with "Life Story" magazine, Ross said he's closest with Calum out of everybody on the Disney Channel shows.
  • During the live stream, Ross was able to name some of Calum's favorite TV shows.
  • When Ross still had his permit, Calum tweeted a picture of himself in the back of the car while Ross was driving.
  • In the livestream, Ross called Calum amazing while Calum called Ross dreamy.
  • Ross said in an interview he bonded with Calum right away on set because they had so many scenes in the pilot.
  • In an interview with ClevverTV, Ross and Calum said the other was the funniest person they had ever met.


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